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David Felix 
Painter ~ Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire

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Largely self taught, but born into a family of artists, magicians and tailors, David was raised on oil paint, Singer sewing machines and sleight of hand.


He’s been a collage maker and a mixed media painter from the age of seven. With scissors in hand he says he still enjoys that same satisfaction from the process of cutting a shape / positioning the piece / applying glue / adding pressure and rubbing it down.

Over sixty years of cut and paste and still not done, a lifetime of fastening the world together...


Using muted, often quiet colours, through which he suggests certain objects ( for example containers, tents,

flags, tools ), David works to set down the

interconnected relationship of one thing to another, to convey a sense of movement, and conversely, a feeling of stillness.


And throughout it all, the focus, the pulse behind much of his work, has been a long-held fascination with language, a love of words, scripts and texts of all kinds, including invented and abstracted letterforms.

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