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The Swift Studio Story


"Who?" is the most important question, of course, because Swift Studio would be nothing without the incredible artists and artisans who supply us with their wares. 

Whilst we do not pretend to be exclusively locally supplied - we have handmade items from around the world - we are proud that the majority of our suppliers are independent creators based in Winchcombe and the wider Cotswolds region.

We also stock work from a handful of talented independent creators across the UK. When we do buy products in from overseas, we put an emphasis on fair trade, sustainably produced goods.

And another key group of people that must have a mention: our lovely customers! Since opening a year ago we have built up a wonderful following of returning customers, both local and from further afield, who are not only essential but also make every day fascinating and varied. And every day we meet new people from the Cotswolds and all over the world. If you've just discovered us through this website we hope you will be the next to come in for a chat and a browse of our beautiful stock.

Find out more about our independent suppliers here

The Swifts' Return Landscape Paintings by Guy Warner Cotswold Artist Swift Studio

Why ?

Our Reasons


Swift Studio was set up in February 2022 by Cotswold artist Guy Warner as a showcase for the finest handmade products from the Cotswolds and beyond.


As the name suggests, the building also houses Guy’s studio where he creates his vibrant landscape paintings. In fact, the need for a better studio space was the main driver for Guy in renting the building in the first place - the shop part was an added bonus - but it wasn't long before the idea came to invite fellow creators along for the ride and that's when the real magic began. 


The little shop in Winchcombe, Gloucestershire is packed full of wonderful art and design to suit all budgets. You will find both decorative and practical artefacts for the home, ranging from paintings and sculpture to tea towels and mugs,


Our Ethos

We believe that good business can be, and should be, friendly, ethical and sustainable.

We believe that everyone with exceptional creative skills should have a fair chance to make a living from their talents. We're on a mission to help support independent artists and artisans by promoting their work and keeping our commission rate low .

We aim to be friendly and approachable to suppliers and customers alike and we want to make the experience of doing business with Swift Studio an enjoyable one. Contact us anytime with your queries or feedback and we will do everything we can to help. Swift Studio is a safe, inclusive, discrimination-free space. See our Terms and Conditions for more info.

Why "Swift"?


Well, not because of the speed we go about things, that's for sure (we like to roll along with the Cotswolds' slow pace of life)! The studio is named after the wonderful birds which fill the skies above Winchcombe in the summer months and are often seen darting above Bull Lane where the shop and studio are nestled.

Where ?

Where ?

Swift Studio

21 Bull Lane 



GL54 5HY

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Our shop and studio are located in the enchanting Cotswold town of Winchcombe, which is perched amongst the northwesternmost of the Cotswold Hills, before the land levels off into the Vales of Evesham and Gloucester.

Winchcombe has a rich history with known human activity in the area dating back 5000 years, in the form of nearby neolithic long barrow Belas Knap. There are also various known Roman remains in the vicinity, but Winchcombe itself came to prominence in Anglo-Saxon times and, under King Coenwulf (d. 821 CE), was one of the principal towns of the kingdom of Mercia. At that time it was a large walled settlement with a grand abbey.

Today the walls and the abbey are long gone but Winchcombe retains an air of historical mystery, with a charming jumble of stone and timber buildings from medieval times onwards. It is said that the stones of the great abbey were reused, and some still remain in different walls around town.


Modern Winchcombe is a peaceful working town and tourist destination, with a great selection of shops and restaurants and some of the best walking routes in England..

Sense of place and a connection back to the past are important to us here at Swift Studio and the creative traditions we support go as far back as Winchcombe's ancient streets.

But we also stand very much in the present moment, giving exhibition space to thriving artists and artisans making a living from their crafts and helping to adorn the homes of people around the world.

Swift Logo.png
Image by The New York Public Library
When ?

When ?

We are open
Wednesday - Saturday  10am - 5pm

Please check here for temporary closures


Swift Studio is open all year round. We like to stay in tune with the seasons so we will be launching a new collection four times a year.


Watch this space for news of our Summer Launch

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